TajRupt.AI Venture Incubator

is our venture capital arm with a mission of pioneering entrepreneurship in Tajikistan through a lean startup approach. Our focus is on technology-enabled ventures that can fundamentally shape the country’s emerging digital economy.

The first cohort of Venture Incubator includes three teams and one solo founder selected from 27 applications. The teams are tackling issues across a range of industries - from healthcare to education. From October to December, the teams will have access to TajRupt.AI’s resources including office space, training materials, and mentorship. Adopting design thinking and a lean startup approach, the teams will be expected to engage in customer feedback, rapid prototyping, and minimum viable product pilots over the next three months.

The following is the timeline for the first cohort of Venture Incubator (October - December 2019):

  • Diagnostics (early October)

  • Setting milestones (mid-October)

  • Customer interviews (late October)

  • Minimum viable product (November - mid-December)

  • Review of milestones & investment decision (late December)


Team “Babolo” - digitizing HR RECRUITING.

Babolo is creating a virtual marketplace for HR recruiting in Tajikistan. Traditionally, employers have sourced prospective candidates through old-fashioned TV/newspaper advertising or network referrals. In recent years, HR vacancies have also been posted on e-commerce sites and across social media groups. Babolo’s approach has focused on development of a single platform integrating the entire recruitment pipeline with a user-friendly interface. The team consists of software engineers and industry mentors. Having released its first beta version in April 2019, Babolo is now working on introducing updates to the platform.

Current stage: Beta testing ongoing.


TEAM “DARMON” - pioneering appointment system for private hospitals.

Darmon is tackling the issue of prolonged patient lines at private hospitals across Tajikistan through two offerings: an online doctor booking system, and a physical call center handling hospital appointments. Traditionally, hospitals have foregone internal appointment systems to provide on-demand patient services, or have allowed doctors to exercise autonomy over their bookings through patient referrals. The Darmon team is currently working with a private hospital on forming a minimum viable product for both offerings. The team consists of software engineers with experience in sales and financial services.

Current stage: Minimum viable product formation.


Team “Dastras” - creating virtual marketplace for household services.

Dastras is seeking to digitize the hiring masters for fulfillment of household tasks and repairs. Traditionally, households have hired masters for fulfillment of on-demand services through “word-of-mouth” referrals - a concept deeply engrained in the local culture. Having amassed a database of over 100 masters, the Dastras team is working on creating a virtual platform that would include hiring as well as reviews about quality of work. The team consists of young developers passionate about programming..

Current stage: Minimum viable product formation.